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Brave Like Me: A Story About Finding Your Courage


The second in the Books of Great Character series, a brand new fictional picture book series geared for social-emotional growth! Brave Like Me is about having a fear and finding the courage to to face it. 40-page hardcover picture book. Wyatt is a lion, and everyone knows that means one thing: Wyatt is BRAVE (like all lions, of course). But no one realizes that Wyatt does have a fear. And when he finds himself face-to-face with that fear, he must ask. Will he be able to conquer his fear and truly be BRAVE? Through vibrant illustrations and a little interactivity, Brave Like Me encourages kids to dig deep inside and find a way to be brave when they need it most. The Books of Great Character picture book series is designed to help kiddos build character through social-emotional skills like mindfulness, empathy, bravery, and creativity, and features the quirky menagerie of Silly Street.