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Black Cat & White Cat Board Book


Black cat and white cat are friends. But in a world of black and white, someone is always hard to see! Can they find a way to play together without someone disappearing? 30-page board book.
In the face of adversity, friendship prevails and black cat and white cat set off to find a place where they can play happily together.
ā€¢ Features high-contrast black-and-white images perfect for young eyes and an entertaining story line to be enjoyed by parents and children alike
ā€¢ Black-and-white illustrations are extremely successful in the board book space
"Little readers will adore the clean-cut illustrations and sharply contrasted compositions that burst with color at the book's end. And who can't love these little guys? They are adorable as they romp and play. A smartly paced and sweetly drawn story for little readers" - Kirkus Reviews "Stylish and clever...a big payoff for cats and readers " - Publishers Weekly