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Comfy Cubs

Easy Zipper Swaddle Blankets By Comfy Cubs | Grey


0-3 months, 7-14 pounds, up to 26 inches 

Snug fit when you wrap-up your bundle of joy In a swaddle blanket by Comfy Cubs. This snug baby wrap helps ease your baby’s transition into the world and prevents spontaneous movements from waking him. Enjoy more sleep yourself as your baby learns to self-soothe. The light pressure of our swaddle sack deters the startle reflex that typically awakens unswaddled babies. This results in much needed rest for weary parents. Easier to use than a traditional baby blanket, a comfy cubs swaddle allows you to confidently swaddle up your infant. Its’ modern design includes a simple wrap and zipper for a cozy, reassuring fit. Attractive gift box makes our swaddle blankets thoughtful and appreciated baby shower gifts for mommies-to-be. These swaddles are baby registry must-haves for new parents. Designed for long-lasting durability and easy care, they’ll serve a growing family for many years.