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Healthy Meal Set - Vanilla & Cotton Candy

  • HEALTHY MEAL SET INCLUDES: One Cassava PLA Sandwich Plate Vanilla, a smart detachable Suction Foot with airtight seal, and a removable Silicone Divider in Cotton Candy to help keep messy foods in place. This set is perfect for those little ones who want everything in just the right place.
  • NEW & IMPROVED MATERIALS! New Cassava-based PLA is made from low-impact, renewable resources and is strengthened to support everyday modern family life. Our PLA is 100% Melamine-free, 100% Plant based, 100% BPA-free, 100% natural - no chemicals additives. Improved suction foot is stronger and more consistent to prevent spills.
  • EARTH AND FAMILY SAFE: We take great care in sourcing and using materials with a low-impact to the environment and which are safe and healthy for little ones to use every day. All Miniware is 100% petroleum plastic-free with no phthalates, BPA, BPS, PVC, or melamine, and our plant-based PLA material is Compostable. The Smart Divider and Suction foot are made with food grade level Silicone.
  • MODERN DESIGN AND EASY-TO-CLEAN: Perfect for things like pizza, sandwiches, pancakes etc. Vertical wall prevents food from falling off the plate easily and provides support for toddlers to scoop up their meal easier than traditionally shaped plates. Dishwasher safe-can resist temperatures up to 284f/140c.
  • STACKABLE AND PORTABLE: Easy to stack and store in the home, and the silicone divider even doubles as a perfect on-the-go plate.