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Livie & Luca Sizing Chart

Measure both of your child's feet from heel to toe. 
Round up if you are between sizes. 


Livie & Luca shoes are designed with comfort and adjustability in mind. Our hook-and-loop closures adjust for a just-right fit. A roomy forefoot area provides ample wiggle room so your child’s feet can develop naturally!

When sizing your child’s foot, measure from heel to toe in centimeters and round up if you are between sizes. We recommend allowing 1/4" for immediate wear and wiggle room. Please leave room for growth and socks!

Here’s a little more about how each of our soles fit:

Baby: size 0 – 24 mos, medium width

Turf: size 4-13, medium to wide in the forefoot

Path: size 4-13, medium width

Sneaker: size 4-13, medium width

Trac: size 4-13, 1-3Y, medium width

Honeycomb: size 4-13, 1-3Y, medium width

Dancer: size 4-13, 1-3Y, narrow to medium width

Keeper: size 10-13, 1-3Y, medium width