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Feather Baby

Moose Coverall w/ Kangaroo Pocket


A little moose learns from its papa how to catch stars with its horns.

With comfort and convenience in mind, Sude and team designed the long-sleeved Kangaroo Romper, a signature Feather Baby piece. With a lap-sleeve collar and snaps along the inseam, it’s easy for moms on the go. Let your little one gather acorns and leaves with the ‘kangaroo’ pocket in front -- meant for indoor or outdoor play! Made in Peru with a medium weight interlock knit and 100% Pima cotton.

You love holding your baby. You'll love holding your baby even more when wearing ultrasoft Feather Baby.

 • For luxurious comfort, extra-long staple Pima is the world's softest cotton.

• Natural cotton breathes and, for baby's sensitive skin, is better than bamboo rayon and other synthetic materials.

• Because of the remarkably strong thread we use, all our knits hold their shape better and last longer.